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    VB6 and OO40 against Oracle8i assertion failed error

      Hello to everybody... I'm programming an application with VB6 that connect to an Oracle8i Database using Oracle Objects. In the machine where I'm programming I use W2k and in my end-users machines W98. I compiled without any problem my application. In my end-users machines I installed the OO40 and the Oracle Net8 from the Oracle Developer6 cdrom installer and configured my tnsnames.ora file. When I run my application in my end-users machines it shows me the following error:

      Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
      Assertion failed!
      File: scr\include\ociwrap.h
      Line: 107

      Expression: OCIEnvCreate(&m_hOCIEnv, mode,(dvoid*)0, 0, 0, 0,(size_t)0,(dvoid**)0)== OCI_SUCCESS

      For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts
      (Press Retry to debug the application = JIT must be enabled)

      Can anybody give me any idea to solve this problem?
      Thanks to anyone that helpme...
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          I'm lucky... I continued researching information about the error that appears to me and in this right forum I founded a topic with a seemed subject and the same error... it say that this error may be caused by a possible windows register corruption... well, y reinstall everything and CHUZA!!! you only need to install the OO40 and configure the Net8... it's working well! the other one problem that appeared to me is the no recognition of the tnsnames.ora file that contain the connection string of the servers... I solved this by testing so much file by file and finally I discovered that I was needed a folder in the Ora_Home\Ora81\network that called "admin" and within this folder the files "tnsnames.ora" and "sqlnet.ora" with the correct configuration of the connections strings of my servers... and this is all... I wrote this for anyone that will need some orientation about this topic... I hope i'll help anyone...

          Aguante OLIMPIA!!!
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            Wonderful! U help me! Three years after what u wrote, internet is fantastic!