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    FTP Adapter: Inbound and Outbound flat files

      Having lots of trouble trying to Send messages (via Subscribe event) with my FTP adapter, with this specific error:
      Thu May 12 11:39:10 MDT 2005: Bridge { agent=oracle.oai.agent.client.AgentImpl@2f48d2 application=PAGOFTPAPP partition=null active=true #d3ls=1 } cannot handle OAI message of type newFacility.

      I am successfully processing my flat file messages into OAI (via Publish event) and they are being properly written to the OAI_HUB_QUEUE. The message gets all the way to the Bridge, which posts the above error. Can anyone tell me how the Bridge attempts to determine what to do with the messages?

      In creating the subscribe event I specified my desired D3L file as the application view, before doing the mapping. I then tried creating mappings at both the top (struct via ObjectCopy) and granular (fields via CopyFields) levels, and always get the same error.
      Under "Modify Fields" for the subscribe event I confirmed that ota.isDL3=true and ota.d3lPath points to the D3L XML file that I used to specify the application view (and incidentally is the same one used to process the files that I am processing with the Publish event). I'm trying to get up to speed with OAI and my first test is simply to read in a tab-delimited file and turn around and write it back out to the same structure (but of course to a different target directory).

      Much thanks for any assistance anyone can offer! Due to some kind of administrative hiccup we seem to have lost our iTAR capability and it's taking forever to get it back (of course at the worst possible time...)

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          Not sure if you have found a way around this problem yet, but it sounds like you may have a mismatch bewteen iStudio and your D3L XML that's used to define and transform the message.

          In the XML, name should be set to your iStudio defined 'event name', object should be set to the 'business object' and the type should be set to related 'App Data Type'.

          As an example of a subscribed event
          using an ADT called CostRecord...it's a good idea to name your message the same as the type when defining the Application view using the Subscribe Wizard, i.e. don't manually change anything.

          So your message header in the D3L XML would look like this:

          <message name="maintain_costs" type="CostRecord" object="GLCosts">