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    oracle installer - oversion 90401

      trying to install 10gAS 90401 using oracle installer 2.3. I get to the dos screen that checks my system for minimum requirements. screen colors, os, service pack version, ... then finally swap space.

      I need to have more almost double what I have currently. how do adjust my swap space?
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          Assuming that you are using Windows XP, and that "swap space" means "virtual memory", then...

          Start > Control Panel > System

          Click on the "Advanced" tab, and select "Settings" in the "Performance" box.

          In the "Performance Options" window, choose the "Advanced" tab.

          In the "Virtual memory" box, choose "Change" and increase the custom size of your Virtual Memory.

          Once set, reboot your system.

          Your 'pagefile.sys' file (virtual memory) will have increased.

          If "swap space" doesn't mean "virtual memory", then ignore this post.