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    EDI Adapter

      Hi Expert,

      Is EDI Adapter a component of InterConnect or Integration B2B?
      Where can I get a trial copy of it?

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          Hello Donald,

          the EDI adapter is part of B2B (extra license for adapter). You can get a trial version if you download the Oracle Integration 10.1.2 from technet.

          By the way, you can not use B2B as stand alone you will need InterConnect or BPEL PM as well.

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            EDI Adapter is part of Oracle AS Integration B2B only. You can also use the B2B product by itself in a standalone mode. If you have transformation requirement with apps connectivity, then we strongly recommend BPEL PM. Please download the Integration install (includes B2B as well) from OTN AppServer 10.1.2 download page.