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    HTTP Adapter Interconnect 10.1.2 problem


      Can someone explain me how to use Interconnect for sending xml-messages from a database to a webservice, and processing the answer?

      We tried the following:
      Install a database adapter
      Install a (sync) http adapter
      The common view is a procedure basd on a DTD
      The database application has an invoke procedure
      The http application has the implemented procedure.
      The application view of the http application is a copy of the common view.

      This works for sending the message. Also, the http-response succeeds:

      In the http log we can see the content of the reply (in XML). However, after this, there's a complaint in the logging:

      Bridge successfully sent message from OAI to external system
      You must have data for KentekenAanvraag_reqKentekenAanvraag_OUT_OAI_V1_T:OAI/V1.VRTG-PER-VERZ.ALG-GEG.WACHT-WOORD-ACT in your XML according to the DTD which was imported in iStudio.
      Agent: ** Error ** Bridge had an error processing the received message.

      Indeed, there is no data sent back for this entry. Does this mean that the application view defines exactly what is expected? Are optional fields not permitted?

      Also, on the database-side, we get this error:
      OAI.Agent.syncRequest : ORA-20000: ORU-10023: error 3 on lock request

      I hope someone can give us a clue!