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    Oracle InterConnect HTTP adapter


      I'm currently doing research about the Oracle InterConnect HTTP adapter. I've installed Oracle Integration and a Oracle 10g database. The documentation provided only contains tutorials/examples about the database and aq adapters. I need an example or tutorial about how the HTTP adapter should be used.

      If someone could help me out by providing an example/tutorial about using the Oracle InterConnect HTTP adapter, I would be very grateful.

      Thanks in advance.


      Ali Machrafi
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          Hi Ali,

          I've just installed an Interconnect HTTP adapter.
          The first install. comes from the Interconnect cd, from which you can instal different adapters.
          When you have installed it, there is an a new directory under your new adapter, called webapps, in there you will find an .ear file, which needs to be deployed.
          This to create the TransportServlet
          To deploy this file you must go to the OracleAS info page ( something like http://servername/
          From there you can start the Oracle Enterprise Manager 10G application Server Control ( log in as ias_admin ) and from there you can create an OC4J Component.
          Starting to create that you there can deploy de .ear file.
          In there you can find the directory in which the .ear is deployed.
          This directory is the directory to post the http to.
          In my case it was :
          In this directory itself there stands all kind of POST information.
          Now you try to POST something with
          something like :
          <FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="http://oas01.woning.nl/oaix/servlet/transportServlet">
          <TEXTAREA NAME="other" cols=80 rows=40></textarea>
          and see if it will try to POST something.
          Well this is how far I am.
          I get an HTTP error because Interconnect expects an XML message, while sending this with the form information is NOT proper XML to Interconnect.
          If you would now how to make something that POST a proper XML message, you could help me with that.

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            The adapter documentation may provide a starting point: