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    Oracle E Business Suite - Email Output?

      Hi ,
      we are in the process of implementing Oracle 11i...

      Our consultants tell us that we can automate the sending of emails from PO system..but......

      If we want ( for example ) to email a Sales Order Acknowledgement to a customer when created or a shipment email when we've shipped, it looks like we'll need a 3rd party app or some development..

      Has anyone any pointers/comments?

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          Have a look at the XML Gateway that comes with the e-Business Suite (ECX). Combined with the "OTA – Oracle Transport Agent" it supports out-of-the-box sending confirmation emails for PO etc... Define your Trading Partners, configure the Mail notification Agent and that's basically all you'll need.

          If this mechanism does not fit your needs, you can either investigate the use of the Oracle InterConnect Server (OAI) or implement some of the examples found in Metalink (Note:120994.1 "How to Send E-mail With Attachments from PL/SQL Using Java Stored Procedures" ).