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    Motorola V551?

      Hello all,

      Has anyone synced a Motorola V551 to the Sync Server? I can sync the Calendar/Datebook, but Address Book/Phonebook fails.

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          I haven't been able to figure it out. I think yoiu may know more than I do about it.

          However, p2ktest and moto4lin do work with the USB cable. So, I've been able to access the phone with the moto4lin gui, but no sync, not even calendar. If you can point me toward your workin solution for the calendar/datebook with Oracle's SyncML server, maybe I can track down the address book part.

          Best Regards,
          Marc Thompson, Oracle - Austin
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            My site's working instructions for a SyncML client are here:

            On a V551, the configuration area is in:
            Settings | Connection | Sync
            ...and then fill in the blanks. One thing I've noticed is that the V551 cannot do https, so I have to sync my phone in the clear with http.

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              Motorola are not officially certified. There is a profile for them in the sync server configuration but it is marked as uncertified and the address book syncing is marked as disabled.

              The older Motorola sync clients will take a contact with multiple phone numbers and turn it into multiple contacts and then when it gets sync'd back the duplication occurs on the server. Not Good :-) Hence the reason it is disabled.