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    Oracle Calendar Integration

      I am an ORACLE employee from PeopleSoft australia development team. I are trying to integrate Peoplesoft with my Oracle Calendar. The requirement is to create a Calendar Event (Meeting, Appointment) from Peoplesoft into Oracle Calendar. Can i get the necessary information for integrating with OCS? Using ORacle Calendar Web services toolkit, would i be able to use them in PS to create a meeting in OCS? Can i get the connectivity information required to send to the calendar server? Also, information on which Apache server to use and the URL to access it.

      Any help would be great.

      Sachin Bhadange
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          I am currently running low on test machines/setup. I will need to come back to you on this.

          Frederic Leblanc
          Web Services Lead developer
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            Hi Frederic,
            I am located in sydney and would like to access the oracle calendar that i use through PeopleSoft. I am not looking for a separate setup machine but the current oracle calendar server that i am using.

            Could you please provide me the exact url where the soap message requests(in icalendar format) should be sent ? I would appreciate your help on this.

            Thanks in advance.

            Sachin Bhadange
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              I supose you are on collabsuite.oracle.com?

              If so, you can get to the Calendar Web Client:


              The Calendar Web Services would be at:

              Provide your userid and password along with the URL above and you should be able to create meetings in your agenda.

              Frederic Leblanc

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                Thank you very much Frederic. This is exactly what i was looking for. I have a couple of questions.

                1) URL with user and password should look like this ?


                2). In order to create a meeting , i would need to send a soap message request in icalendar format to the server. Do you have a sample xml file in icalendar format that should be sent to the server?

                Thanks a lot for your help.
                Sachin Bhadange
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                  No. No information is to be provided in the URL. A SOAP message is to be sent to that URL doing a POST method.

                  I suggest you take a look a the Calendar Web Services Toolkit for example on how to sent that SOAP message.

                  Frederic Leblanc
                  Calendar Web Services Lead Developer
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                    Hi Frederic,
                    Any ideas on this error ?

                    <cwsl:Error xmlns:cwsl="http://www.oracle.com/WebServices/Calendaring/1.0/">

                    I looked in the error code documentation but could not find any error code: 00000063

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                      I am creating a webcenter portal application and would like to integrate Collabsuite Portlets such as Email, Calender, Tasks, Web Conferencing, Links, etc which are built-in in Collabsuite Server in our portal application.

                      I have seen about Collab suite. Calender Web Service APIs, but it doesn't really fit my needs. All I want to know is the WSDL and the Portlets information which I can directly use in my WebCenter Omni Portlet with less efforts. I am not going to create new meetings/mails/tasks, etc...but would want to show the existing portlets from collab. suite in my portal application.

                      I would really appreciate any inputs on how to integrate Collab. Suite Portlets and can we access these portlets as Web Services via WSDL or how to access the collab. suite portlets.

                      The Collab. Suite documentation says that these portlets are available as Web Services and Portlets which can be integrated in other portal application but does not say how? and the integration details.

                      Thanks in advance.