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    Why no 'Public connections' link is displayed?

      Hi, I meet the problem with Discover(with oracle10g 10.1.2) : according to "Discoverer configuration B13918_02.pdf", Section 4.6, we could create "public connection" via OAS manage page,
      But there is no hyperlink "public connections" , where I can found it ? but the above document show the following step , and it should have the hyperlink to that, but I can't found it ?

      . To create a public connection:
      1. Display Application Server Control (for more information, see Section 5.1.2, "How
      to start Application Server Control and display the System Components page").
      2. Display the Application Server Control Discoverer Home page (for more
      information, see Section 5.1.3, "How to display the Application Server Control
      Discoverer Home page").
      3. Display the Administration tab.
      4. Select the Public Connections link to display the Discoverer Public Connections
      area.(note : I can't found link at this step)

      Somebody can help me?