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    Locate in Contents button and hyperlinks resolved by topicIDs

      Dear OHW developers, there are two problems of the same nature:
      1) The same topic page in different places of the toc tree cannot be located in the toc adequately by Locate in Contents mechanism;
      2) Clicking in hyperlinks resolved by topic ids mapped to anchors within html pages disables the Locate in Contents button. It is quite clear - such ids are not included into the toc.

      I suppose that the best solution could be to force the development of toc in frame. Are you still planning to add this feature to OHW?
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          These problems have to do with how OHW does the reverse lookup in the table of contents. For #1, OHW uses the topic id, so it will find the first occurence of this topic in your TOC. I'll file an enhancement for this issue to investigate whether we can be a little smarter for this use case. For #2, if this is only occurring for anchored topics, this is possibly a bug - I'll file one for investigation.

          The in-frame TOC version of OHW is still being considered for development, but there is, as of yet, no timetable for this product.