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    How to work with SMTP - DB adapter

      Basically I want to know the design time process in iStudio for SMTP adapter.

      I am pretty fine with FTP adapter and DB adapter. I have seen some scenario with FTP Adapter to FTP Adapter, FTP to DB, DB to FTP. When working with FTP adapter, at design time we usually create a Business Object with the event by locating DTD for it, then we publish, subscribe and transform. So here basically we know what kind of DTD has to be created for the message to get transferred between two FTPs.

      But in SMTP, what kind of DTD has to be created. We have a scenario where we need to take the mail from the mail server and store them in database. So here it involves SMTP to DB adapter scenario, where I am clear with DB but not clear how to go about with SMTP. I mean, what kind of element has to created in DTD at design time.

      Please anyone can guide me....