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    I cannot generate WSDL on SAP Adapter (J2CA)

      I want to create outbound JCA Service (Request/Response) in Oracle AS SAP adapter. I connect to SAP in Application Explorer (in JCA Service Provider). After selecting RFC fuction I create schema and right-click the respective object. I see following items in menu :
      - Test run
      - Export schema(s)
      - Create Event Port
      - Apply Filter

      And I do not see:
      - Create Inbound JCA Service (Event)
      - Create Outbound JCA Service (Request/Response)

      That's why I can't generate WSDL

      Product Build Info
      Built-On: IWBUILD2 December 7 2004 1713
      Version: 5.5.008.R0
      Level: Release
      Label: IW55008.0643
      Build: 0643

      Help me, pls.