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    DB adapter does not start properly, status 'suspended'

      Hi all,

      I'm experiencing problems when starting multiple db adapters in my Interconnect 10.1.2. configuration on HP/UX.
      I start the adapters from the command line with the start script. The first two or three adapters start up completely, after that the next adapter commences startup, but the process seems to hang when it wants to subscribe to a message.

      From within ICManager, the adapter has status 'Suspended'. If I use ICManager to restart one of the running adapters, the one that was hanging resumes startup and is running fine after that. The adapter that was restarted also starts and all is up and running.

      However, when I use this scenario to start yet another adapter, the adapter that is restarted with ICManager doesn't start but seems to hang at the same point and gets status suspended!

      In COMPONENTINFO table in the ICHUB schema all adapters are visible.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!