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    Forms 6i - Attaching Libraries


      My problem:-
      I am trying to open an old form (Forms 6i) abc.fmb, it says: "Cannot attach PL/SQL Library naut_lib", so I tried to attach it in the following way:

      Attach Library-->Create-->Browse (the library .pll file)---->Attach.

      A dialog box comes saying "Library naut_lib.pll" contains a non portable specified path. Remove Path?"

      Irrespective of you give "Yes" or "No" it shows error "PDE-PLI018: Cound not find Library Windows".

      Can anyone tell me how i will rectify the problem?

      Thanx in adv,
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          i think path must be removed
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            Ensure your library is found in the path set in your FORMS60_PATH environment variable.

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              Hi Harm,

              I've tried the same thing in Oracle 10g dev Suit and got the same problem. I mentioned the path in FORMS90_PATH. Moreover, there are 3 libraries, one gets attached without any problem but the other 2 are giving the problem mentioned. Do u have any idea why it is doing so?

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                Hi Pragati,

                Difficult to answer: not enough info.

                Can you check the following?
                - Check if all your lib's and form modules are on your FORMS90_PATH. If not, change either FORMS90_PATH to include your modules or move your modules onto the PATH.
                - Check the filename on disk with the filename in property "PL/SQL Library Location". Property is found on attached libraries. They must match in order to be found by Forms. If the property shows the full path, you attached the library with path, if the property shows only the filname, you attached the library without path. This procedure applies also to libraries attached to other libraries.
                - If you have any libraries attached including their path, detach and reattach without path.
                - If you are on unix/linux also check the case of the actual filenames and the filename in property "PL/SQL Library Location".