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    oracle.jms.AQjmsException: ORA-24026 -Problems with OAIHUB904.OAI_HUB_QUEUE


      I have got this error and I need to make a restart to the server to make OAI start to work again.

      Can anyone help me to find what is the problem?

      António Trindade
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          Sounds likes your Q has errors.

          Try the following...

          1.Stop all services connecting to the Hub database. e.g. Adapters, iStudio, any SQL*Plus sessions, and the Repository Service. Only the Database and Listener should be up.

          2.Use "oaiexport" to create a backup repository. (Make sure this export works before proceeding. You should get a happy "completed successfully" type of message.) Keep the *.dmp file which is created safe!

          3.Run the "hubschema" script (-drop) to drop the Hub User. (This will drop your Hub User, including your metadata - this is why we've taken a backup.).

          4.Run the "hubschema" script (-create) to recreate the Hub User, and objects.

          5. Use "oaiimport" using the *.dmp file created in Step 2. It will then load it your metadata. Again, you should get a happy "completed successfully" message.

          6. Restart your services.

          HTH, Yan
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            But what can cause this problem?

            Because I made a restart to the server and everything starts to work fine?

            What can be the cause of that?

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              I cannot say exactly what has caused this, however Metalink describes the following ....


              ORA-24026 can occur while trying to add or remove a subscriber from the queue.

              ORA-24026 for add and remove subscriber operations on queues, making the queue object unusable.

              Error:     ORA-24026 (ORA-24026)
              Text:     operation failed, queue %s.%s has errors
              Cause:     An attempt was made to enqueue, dequeue or administer a queue
                   which has errors.
              Action:     Drop the queue table setting the force option to true.

              Also found similar to your problem on Metalink Note:183386.1
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                Thanks, but the note 183386.1 is not my case.

                I will wait to see if this happen again. And if it will I will open a TAR.

                This error happened a lot at older versions. I hope this will not happen again.

                Thanks again for your help,