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    Oh what to do? what Oracle solution to use, XML Gateway, interconnect or pr

      I am currently researching the best option for putting in an EDI solution to honor the request by one of our customers to have orders, delivery confirmation and invoices sent electronically using a form of EDI.

      I am caught between using a third party solution or extending our Oracle suite but am not sure the best route to go with Oracle! Currently we have no integration modules and no other forms of EDI.

      My current thoughts were to use Oracle interconnect as a central point and then either link this to a third party solution or to Oracles XML gateway or do i need interconnect at all?

      The issue is that we accept orders from our customer but they use their own item numbers so I need to map these to our own item numbers in order for them to be accepted into our ERP system. Does XML gateway provide for this mapping or do I need interconnect or process connect to be in place to do the mapping for me. Or do i need to have bespoke mapping?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated

      Kind Regards

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          I can only comment on the interconnect as it is all that I have used. It certainly has a standard Cross Reference transformation (XREF). You could use this to hold the relationship between your item numbers and theirs.

          When your customer passes a "create order" message to your system, the item number can be populated with their side of the XREF table. When you find the corresponding item in your system, this item number would be passed as an OUT parameter back to the InterConnect XREF table. Now the XREF table holds the mapping between the two item numbers.

          In subsequent transactions (say for example a Goods Received message), messages can use this now populated XREF table to map their item code to the one held on Oracle.

          Whereas XREF's will be dymanically updated, Domain Value Maps could also be used. Using DVM's in your case may mean having to go through the exercise of mapping all their item codes to yours, and loading them into the static DVM table.

          Regarding what solution to use? Good question!
          XML Gateway seems to be a method by which you can exchange data into and out of Oracle Apps, but I don't think that solution gives you the actual conduit to connect to others systems. I may be wrong on this however.

          InterConnect is the reverse of the above. That is, it provides that transportation and transformation of messages capability, but you have to create publishing and subscribing routines for message generation and consumption on the source and target systems.

          ProcessConnect? Never used it. Can't say.
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            thanks for the feedback.

            an looking at using interconnect as the go between from us to a third party solutino provider. We may ahve other systems that will also require connection to this solution provider which I think interconnect will do the job nicely.