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    e-invoicing archiving

      Does anyone know a good solution for e-invoicing archiving? I am working on a project where the legal requirement for the country is that e-invoices must be archived for at least 10 years. What is the best way of storing the information? We are probably looking at using a third party solution who will probably supply the e-invoices on a CD but is there an oracle archiving solution that can do this for us in place (or any other solution for taht matter).


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          If anyone is looking for a potential solution I have unfortunately and typically ahd minimal information from Oracle but this is our proposed solution. We are using an ASP who provides an EDI Hub and they will manage the e-invoicing for us as well as storing the e-invoices in an archive. They will then burn this information to a CD when we require it so we can store it for the minimum required term. If anyone is looking at using e-invoicing then ensure that what ever method you choose meets legal requirements and that if you use a ASP to do the job for you, they should also provide a way of archiving those invoices.
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            Anachron (www.anachron.com) is an ASP that takes care of the archiving of invoices for the legal period required by the tax laws. Currently the provide these services in the EU and US to multinationals. The solution is proven and audited by various local tax inspectors and in belgium a license is received after this audit. You can mail me for more information and references. marco@anachron.com