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    More info on ORG_ID and Set of Books

      My question is - when I am setting up an organisation
      I come across business groups, legal entities,
      operating units. Practically speaking if I have a
      corporation whose business span into various sectors
      such as financing, hotels, film industry and a small
      manufacturing sector that has subsidiaries. Then how
      would I practically map it to these organisation
      classifications I listed above.

      My example may not be the best suited if you can state
      one of your own it will be great too. How is this SOB tied up to GL?
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          Not sure what you are really asking here but a SOB consists of a currency, chart of accounts and calender. So you can link as many orgs to a SOB as you want but as long as they all share the same curerncy, calendar and chart of accounts. If fo example, an organization requires the use of a seperate calendar then you would need to set up a seperate SOB. But in the case of only needing the change for reporting purposes only then you would only require a repsorting set of books. So in Brazil for example you are required by law to use a federal calendar. if this is different to the organisaztion, rather than setting a completely seperate SOB, you can simply set up a reporting SOB and link the two books together and with a little mapping the process is automatic. hope this helps a little