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    OEM - secure: Generating Java Keystore failed

      Hi all,
      I have Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control Release (Standard Edition One) installed on SLES 9.
      I tried to run dbconsole as HTTPS but didn't succeed:
      emctl secure dbconsole
      TZ set to Europe/Prague
      Enter a Hostname for this OMS: viva
      Checking Repository... Done.
      Checking Repository for an existing Enterprise Manager Root Key... Done.
      Generating Enterprise Manager Root Key... Done.
      Fetching Root Certificate from the Repository... Done.
      Generating Registration Password Verifier in the Repository... Done.
      Updating HTTPS port in emoms.properties file... Done.
      Generating Java Keystore... Failed.

      I guess that's why my dbconsole runs as normal HTTP, not as HTTPS.
      Can somebody tell me what's wrong? I couldn't find any logfile generated by the "emctl secure dbconsole" procedure. Is there a way how to generate keystore elsewhere and "attach it" to dbconsole so that it can use it and run as secure server?
      Many thanks for help,