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    Blank Topic Window is Displayed


      I am working on Search part of the navigator window. I generated the index file (.idx) by running the following command line:

      C:\Program Files\ohelp>java -mx64m oracle.help.tools.index.Indexer -l=en_US -e=8
      859_1 C:\TestHelp\topics myIndex.idx

      When I typed in word in the search combo box, it provided me the search results. However, when I selected a topic and clicked open, it displayed a blank topic window. I don't know what I've done wrong. Please guideline me.

      Thank you so much,
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          When you say "blank topic window", does that mean you still see the OHW tabs, and it says "Topic Not Found", or do you see an empty page?
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            The blank topic window that I get is an empty page, and I am using the OHJ.
            When I am at the Contents or Index pages and click open on any topics, the topic window is displayed with associated contents. However, when I open topic from the search result, the topic window is appeared with no content.

            Hear from you soon & thanks for your help,
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              Hi Bee,

              The topic urls in the idx file is created such that they are relative to the directory that you want to index starting from the idx file. If the idx file is moved into a different directory, so that the relative paths are no longer correct, then this will break the search functionality.

              In your example, it seems that this may be the problem. Try running the search indexer from the C:\TestHelp\topics directory, and then make sure your idx file is packaged so that it is in the same dir as the contents of that directory.

              -- Christian
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                Hello Christian,

                Your suggestion is working. I already fix the problem of displaying an empty topic window. Thanks for your help again.

                I would like to ask you question about the search functionality. Can it be invoked externally? Our team is going to create a custom user interface that performs searching. Let's say we build a Java application and have a text field for user to enter words for help. Once he/she enters the keyword and presses Enter on the keyboard. The system retrieves the relevant topics matching with the input words. Then, the system displays those relevant topics on the screen. When the user double click those topics to display, the topic window is shown with assoicated contents. Can we implement this scenario by using the OHJ? If we can, please help us get started.