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    Newbie Question, VB

      Hi All,

      I have a newbie question for you....

      I am using VB to access oracle via OLE and am having trouble adding records.

      I am doing basically the following...

      set oraDyna = oraDBA.createdynaset("select * from products",0)

      At that point when it runs I get the error...
      "OIP-O4117: Not an updatable set."

      What am I doing wrong here?

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          Replace the Option of 0 which is Default with the Oracle Mode option so you can get an updatble recordset because your dynaset will have the ability to 'ReFetch' data. A better practice is to not use updatable recordsets but rather direct SQL calls via the OraDatabase.ExecuteSQL method of better employing the OraSQLStmt object.

          Good Luck,

          Zane E