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    10gR2 "database backup" to nfs mounted dir results in ORA-27054 NFS error

      All db and archive files reside on normal non-nfs file systems, but do to old space limitations we pointed the "database backup" command to write to an nfs mounted file system.

      This was never an issue until we registered a new 10gR2 db in rman. All other db's backup fine, but the 10gR2 db results in the following error:

      ORA-27054: NFS file system where the file is created or resides is not mounted with correct options
      Additional information: 2

      I've found some documentation for oracle on linux (we're Solaris also) that suggests special mount options are required:


      specifically hard,rsize,wsize, and noac

      But this doc is for linux, and appears to be geared to DB datafiles, and i'm not sure if they apply to Solaris and RMAN.

      Our current mount options for the dir in question are:


      Anybody know what we're missing specifically? And why its an issue in 10gR2, but not in previous releases?

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