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    Products needed for X12


      Could someone advice on the products required for outbound and inbound X12 messaging using AS904 EE.

      I'm unsure if InterConnect, ProcessConnect, BPEL are what I need to model and deploy X12 messaging.

      On the Integration pages there is mention of a B2B Adapter - is this included in any of the above ? if not where can I download it ?

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          Firstly forget about ProcessConnect, not sure if it has officially been scrapped but there are very few clients using it and it was so complicated to use that they are pushing BPEL instead.

          Oracle did release an add-on for Interconnect called PartnerConnect which I understand provided another set of adapters that implemented various B2B protocols such as RossettaNet and ebXML. I'm not sure what the full list was but search through OTN and i'm sure you will get some info.

          If you have Java experience then you always the option of writing your own custom adapter for Interconnect that called WebServices that implement the X12 protocol (if WebServices can do that, not sure??)...

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            BPEL PM and Oracle B2B server works very well for generating/consuming X12. You can use Specbuilder( also a part of B2B) to create .ecs file and XML schema file( X12 like) which you can import into BPEL and B2B server.

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              Hello Pete,

              I don't want to repeat the above message but I want to add:

              To handle X12 messages you only need Oracle B2B and EDI adapter (extra license). You can use it stand alone or with BPEL or with Interconnect. That depends on what you want to do with the message after receiving/sending and which products you want to use. Oracle B2B and Interconnect are licensed with Application Server EE, the EDI adapter and BPEL PM you have to license seperatly.