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    .. Making Exe File of Forms 6i

      I have completed a project and now want to make exe file of the Forms..

      i do not exactly know how to do so..
      it is something like IF RUN 60 command..

      but i m not getting it right ..
      Kindly tell me how to do so..

      Will it be the exe we can insatall anywhere and access the database like we does in VB.. where we do not need to install VB at each machine to run the exe.. files..

      I m in the process of deploying the application now..

      Your support will count alot..

      Thanx alot ..

      Best Regards..
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          No can do.

          Forms 6i can either be deployed in a client/server manner by installing the Forms runtime on each client PC, or in a "web" manner by installing Forms Services on a separate application server.

          You cannot compile Forms .fmb or .fmx files to native Windows executables.
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            but i have seen somebody making the application and doing something with

            IF RUN 60

            wats that . i dont exactly remember the reason is that those days i was working on the DBA part for 2 projects. so was unable to take proper interest in the Deployment etc..

            WOuld you mean thati have to install oracle forms 6i on each machine i want ot deploy application..

            oh if yes then it is a bad option ..

            any other option ..
            would Forms 9i be better option or not..

            I cant work with application server at the moment..

            Suggest something ..

            otherwise then i would be forced to move to VB which i do not want to ..
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              Yes You can make a setup file like in VB people do. for that you need oracle installer, but i don't know the exact process,
              but mean while i can suggest u another way to deploy it at client side.i.e (ifrun60)

              first of all install the database at client side,then install the forms runtime and filnally copy all the .fmx files.
              you must now the path of ifrun60 file, u can find this file in the bin folder of your forms. it may be like this c:\forms\bin\ifrun60
              now create a batch file on desktop
              write the following lines in it....
              c:\forms\bin\ifrun60 c:\xyz\login.fmx username/password@databasename

              login.fmx (this fmx file may be any different which u want to load when the application runs)

              username/password@databsename may be like this scott/tiger@sct
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                u have to use some thirdparty tool to create it as a package and deploy it. U can get lot of thirdparty tools for this.
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                  I've heard that Project Builder can do it, but I've never tried.

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                    Hi Monica,
                    the project builder will only help u to deploy the forms which are changed to the server. I will not created a package and give u.. which can be used anywere else.

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                      Hummmm... figuring the deployment strategy at deployment time is a bit late in the process... anyway,

                      First it is hard to figure the best strategy without knowing your environment. Are your clients in a Lan, Wan, Web environment ? This will make a difference.

                      Some options:

                      - Install Oracle Forms and Application files on each local machine (either physically or via something such as Microsoft SMS (System Management Software or the like) or use something such as Installshield to build your final "product" disk from which the clients can install your application (and every Oracle Forms files)

                      - Install Oracle Forms and the application files on a share file server (you will still need to configure the Oracle registry on the client machine)

                      - Use an application server such as Citrix (no need to configure Oracle registry or install anything other than the Citrix client on the client machine). Maybe you can have it worked also on Windows Terminal Services or Terminal Server ?

                      - Move to a Web base environment (which you should be able to do using 6i but you will need to test before deploying and some parts which work in client server won't work in the Web environment).

                      Hope it helps.

                      Good luck.
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                        hmm good suggestions but but but..
                        Just i ve heard that you need to install the Forms runtime at each machine..

                        Client server environment where clients will be connected to oracle at a server.
                        maximum 10 users.

                        I think i need to install runtime at userss and then do something with IF run 60, this will create a exe lke thing so that user cannot see the code , and stil the application will run on thier machines..

                        Isnt it ..

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                          There is no need to install the Oracle Forms runtime engine, neither your application files (Forms, Reports, etc.) on each client machine.

                          You can install the Oracle Forms software on a share file server where each client access the Oracle Forms engine and your application files. In that setup, you still need to configure the client Oracle registry to tell it where to find the files. You would not do that kind of setup on a WAN or slow client connections because it will take ages for the Oracle forms files to download to the client machine.

                          You can't create an exe with Oracle forms the same way you would in VB. Oracle Forms is a runtime engine and you need it to run your application.

                          The command line for your application will look like:

                          If installed on client machine:

                          C:\Oracle\forms6i\BIN\ifrun60.EXE <name of your main application form>

                          If installed on File server

                          F:\Oracle\forms6i\BIN\ifrun60.EXE <name of your main application form>

                          The deployment vehicule can be any of

                          - You physically go to the workstation and do the installation
                          - You provide a Web or server link (or through Microsoft SMS) where they can download and install the application files with instructions (this can be a batch file which will extract and copy all of the required files, Oracle Forms + Application files + update the registry). Don't forget that some Oracle files are installed within the Windows\system folder when you install Oracle Forms from the installation CD and are required to properly run any Oracle Forms application.

                          Client-server deployment with Oracle Forms (or other client-server software) is not easy and that's where the Web or something such as Citrix becomes very handy.