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    Novice question - How does Oracle Interconnect, BPEL and adapters differ?

      Okay, I am a novice at this. I've been reading about Interconnect, AS 10g, BPEL and various adapters. My question is how do they fit in into the overall scheme of things? Fundamentally what I am looking for is a way to interact from a Oracle db to IMS screens on a mainframe. I've found something about IMS/TM adapters and I am wondering if I use Interconnect to connect Oracle db to anything.. why would I need an adapter... then again is it Interconnect or BPEL?

      I am hoping someone will show me the light.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Now that no one at Oracle has answered this very relevant question I'll take wild shot at this one.
          First of all: Adapters in Interconnect and BPEL do not work together and there is no integration of the two products whatsoever. BPEL has its own connectivity technology and it seems to evolve unlike Interconnect that still has no WS and JDBC adapter.

          Second: I'm not sure that you would gain anything in using integrationmiddleware in this single scenario.

          Third: Choosing between BPEL and Interconnect is conceptually easy but quite hard in practice. BPEL (the standard) conceptually is really not an integration solution but rather a SOA orchestration standard.
          However, Oracle has put some integration support in their BPEL tool (connectivity and transformation). This allows you to use BPEL as a lightweight, standards based integration tool. But if you have a lot of business critical integration or very complex scenarios (like reading or writing a complex proprietary file format) Interconnect will be a more scaleable and reliable solution.

          As I said BPEL evolves and Interconnect doesn't. BPEL is standards based and Interconnect is proprietary and/or based on older standards (like DTDs instead of XSDs).
          So my advice to customers right now is to prepare for a migration from Interconnect to "something else" (maybe BPEL) in near future. Don't use Interconnect for anything but big scale business critical integration or very complex connectivity scenarios.
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            When you say you need to interact from an Oracle DB to an IMS screen, What exactly do you mean?
            Do you want to screen scrape the IMS/TM screen and pass the data to the Oracle db?
            Do you want to perform a query on the Oracle DB and fetch data from the IMS database?

            Do you mean real time/batch/asynchronously?
            Do you have an idea of data volumes, and expected response times?

            If you can give us more detail we can provide a better response.