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    Is it possible that database is up & queues are down?


      I m new to this queuing concept,I have few queues in B2B schema, to be refered by AQadapter in hub schema but while running the AQ adapter it throws error :
      AQ Adapter: ** Error ** error subscribing to queue IP_IN_QUEUE. Please make sure the database and queue are started properly.
      java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

      Is there anything like queues to be down or it will always be available if the database is up?
      If yes how can one know whether the queue is started or not &
      command to start the queue?
      Actually B2B database is up & running , I m able to see the queues thru TOAD, but no idea whether they should also be up to run?

      thnx in advance,
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          The queues will be up when your database is up.

          You need to check the username and password held in the adapter.ini file for your AQ Adapter.

          Usual causes are bad encrypted passwords not copied into the adapter.ini file correctly.

          I don't have an example AQ Adapter.ini file to hand, but where you see the entries for
          change this entry and put the password in the clear for now (so at least you can say whether or not it is a username / password problem).

          From this entry, drop the "encrypted_" part, leaving the rest.
          Now change the encrypted passed to the "proper" password.


          Stop and restart the adapter, and see if you are still getting the same message.

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            of course it is possible in theory that the queue is not running. You can start a queue using the package dbms_aqadm (to use you need AQ privileges which are not included in dba privileges). These package has fuctions start_queue(<queue_name>) and stop_queue(<queue_name>). But if your queues are started and you shutdown and startup your database queues will always be started again.

            But because of the error message you get this is not your problem. You should control your adapter.ini if the aq_bridge_username=b2b, password is encrypted correctly and the connection parameters for database really contains the data for b2b repository. By the way, don't forget to set aq_bridge_consumer_name=b2buser. Otherwise you could connect but not work with the IP_IN_QUEUE.

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              Yes, I got the resolution..

              First the adapter entry was not proper, I also run procedure to start the queue...that worked & adapter started but still the issue remained unsiolved...then I imported the old dump which caused iStudio to run...

              So both adapter entries as well as metadata was currropted I guess.

              thnx as lot for the help.

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                The password of aquser in the database must be the same as the password of AQ Application that was stored in AQApp/aq_bridge_password. You can use oraclewallet command line to see the password of AQApp/aq_bridge_password and re-assign this password to the aquser in the database.