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    How Does Oracle Applications Adapter Work

      I've read throught the OA Adapter documentation, but I'm still a bit confused. If I have a message on the hub, and an OA adapter subscribes to that message, will the adapter write data from the hub to an OA table?
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          If the adapter you are referring to is the "OracleAS InterConnect Adapter for DB", aka the Oracle DB adapter, then the answer to your question is a qualified "Yes".

          When you setup your subscribing adapter (the DB Adapter), which connects to an Oracle Database, then the last part of the Subscribe Wizard will present you with a procedure call.

          All you need to do is to "tell" the procedure to do something, like INSERT into a table, or call a FUNCTION / another PROCEDURE etc. How you decide to consume the message is up to you.

          Drop me a mail to ian_scorrer@yahoo.com, and I'll send you a zip file which contains a worked DB to DB adapter example. (It's based on a 9iAS R.2 Integration build, but the prinicples / code created the example haven't changed that much).

          Yan :-)