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    Oracle Lite msql problem


      I'm recently installed Oracle Lite and try to publish an application and then sync with msync client, apparently it works, because the .odb file is generated.. but when i tried to access the olite db with:
      X:\olite\bin> msql usuprueb1/usuprueb1@jdbc:polite:USUPRUEB1_MOV1DATA

      appears this message:
      Oracle Lite MSQL Version
      Copyright (c) 1997, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.

      [POL-5150] access violation

      USUPRUEB1 is the user i used to sync (it was created previously in the Mobile Manager), then i tried with system/manager and a the user of the enterprise DB.. and got the same message..

      Any idea what i could miss to configure?

      Thanks in advance..