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    Problem with 10G R2 installation (OUI - 10133 Invalid Staging Area) on W2K3

      I'm getting a strange error installing 10G R2 Database on a Windows 2003 server. I get "OUI - 10133 Invalid Staging Area. There are no top level components for Windows NT, Windows 2000 available for installation in this staging area." This happens when I choose an Advanced installation or when I choose a starter database.

      The funny thing is that I've performed this installation with this exact installation disk on a virtual server on my laptop with Windows 2003.

      Also, I ran a quick test with the 10G R1 installation files and I don't get the error. I want to run tests on case insensitivity with LIKE searches (a new feature enabled in 10G R2) so I can't use 10G R1.