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    Custom Dispatcher

      Is there a how to for implementing custom dispatcher?


      Mauro Pelucchi
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          Hi Mauro!
          In the documents provided with the Edge Server there is a developers guide. Different methods are described in there.

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            I assume you have tried all the internal dispatchers and they didn't met your requirements?
            I'm curious to what those requirements are btw.

            I have a tutorial on writing a driver, I think it's posted in GX.
            For writing a dispatcher, all you have to do is:
            - Subclass from SimpleDispatcher (
            - Implement onEvent, which is called whenever the drivers sends you an event for dispatching (outbound)
            - Call sendEvent if you want to send events to the drivers/filters

            Optionally you can implement:
            - Implement doInit if you need to do initialization
            - Implement start() if you need to initialize before the thread starts
            - Implement stop() if you want to be called before your thread is killed