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    Exchange server integration


      On OOW 2005 in San Francisco I heard that Collaboration Suite will have a new version that is compatible with Outlook clients and it will also include a migration tool that can migrate PST file into Collaboration Suite and thus into the Oracle RDBMS.

      Is the beta or production date for this version already know?


      Tamas Szecsy
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          Collaboration Suite is compatible with Outlook clients today, always has been. The Connector for Outlook component is an Outlook Plugin that integrates the client with our backend.

          PST files are still viewable in this environment whether you're connected to Exchange or OCS. A tool that converts data in PST files (primarily to convert the Exchange address syntax) is not yet available - so some messages in PST files may not be easily replyable from within the OCS MAPI profile.

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            Hi Paul:

            About this, which e-mail services are compatible with OCS?... Example: can OCS get data from Exchange Servrer (directly, without Outlook)?

            Please, if OCS provide connectors to anothers mail servers (Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc) and how can i integrate with our Portal.


            Andrés Muñoz O.
            IT Engineering
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              Maybe I misunderstood, but OCS does not use 3rd party mail systems like Exchange and Notes as the email part of the backend.

              Connectors like the one offered for Outlook are designed to make 3rd party clients work with our server instead of the 3rd party server.
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                Sorry folks,

                Oh... Sorry... But why Oracle don't provide this feature when other products did it yet?

                Thanks a lot.
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                  I'm not sure that Lotus, for example, support using their client against an Exchange server - except for the case of using it as an IMAP client, for example. Are there some specific products you're referring to?

                  Or are you just talking about some portal level integration? In some situations, you could configure the mail portlet to access any IMAP server, or configure external/partner applications on the portal screen to connect to 3rd party products.
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                    Oh... i see...

                    Yes... We need to integrate to portal our mail server... :-)... The email portlet integration via IMAP could be the solution to our problem.

                    Thanks a lot.
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