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    PPR causes the entire VO to validate

      I am using Jdeveloper 10.1.2, ADF, UIX and JHeadstart 10.1.2.

      I have generate a page using JHeadstart.

      I was trying to copy One field to another without having to Commit the page.
      Kindly refer the thread
      update fileds automaticly

      I was told that this has to be done manually.With guidance from Sandra Muller
      I was able to get the stuff sort of going.

      Here are the details

      I am working with field ShortNameE and DescriptionE.

      I go to field ShortNameE on the UIX page and doubleclick it.
      Pick the 'Advanced Properties' and click on 'primaryClientAction' property on the value side, and press the ... button.
      primaryClientAction pops up.
      in primaryClientAction tab.
      Action Event : Anything
      Uncheck (false) the 'Fire Action by Submitting Form' checkbox.
      Check (true) the ' Dont validate page before firing' checkbox.
      Check Fire Partial Targets Yes.

      Select the Component to update as

      ActionParamter not used and is blank

      In the "Advance Tab."

      I press OK. OK.

      I create my custom data action (create one that subclasses JhsDataAction and which is used for this data page in Struts) you can create a method onAnything(DataActionContext), which will be called when DescriptionE is changed.

      In this method, I update the binding for Description, so that when ${bindings.DescriptionE.path}--messageTextInput is refreshed using Partial Page Rendering, it will show the new value.

      Now the problem.

      I have another MANDATORY field ShortNameF.

      The things work fine in the Update Mode.

      When in Create mode, When I try to tab out of the the ShortNameE field nothing happens. I look at the OC4J log and I have lots and lots of messages.
      The first one says it all
      == start of message (only few lines ===
      oracle.jbo.AttrValException: JBO-27014: Attribute ShortNameF in AppModule.PtsReferenceView1 is required
           at oracle.jbo.AttrValException.<init>(AttrValException.java:113)
           at oracle.jbo.server.JboMandatoryAttributesValidator.validate(JboMandatoryAttributesValidator.java:101)
           at oracle.jbo.server.EntityDefImpl.validate(EntityDefImpl.java:2051)
           at oracle.jbo.server.EntityImpl.validateEntity(EntityImpl.java:1373)
           at oracle.jbo.server.EntityImpl.validate(EntityImpl.java:1508)
      == End of message (only few lines ===

      has the complete validation been triggered ?
      Have I hit a bug?
      or its the old "You forgot to ......"

      any help will be really appreciated.