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    CLOB & javascript


      I am having some difficulty reading a CLOB value.

      here is the javascript code **********************************************

      // sql statement calls function that returns clob
      var strSql = "select somepck.funcreturningclob clobval from dual" ;

      // get db conn from pool
      var objOraDb = gobjOraSession.getDatabaseFromPool(1000);

      // create dynaset
      var objOraDynaset = objOraDb.creatDynaset(strSql, 0);

      // create clob
      var objClob = objOraDynaset.Fields("clobval").Value;

      // declare buffer variable and read in data
      var sbuffer;
      var amountread = objClob.Read(sbuffer);



      i checked the amountread and in says that data was read but
      the response object never contains anything ?

      any help appreciated