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    OracleApps Adapter VS Oracle XML Gateway

      Can any one tell me difference between Interconnect Oracle Apps adapter and Oracle XML Gateway. I am not familiar with Oracle XML gateway tool. I wonder if i could use XML Gateway comes with Interconnect Oracle Apps adapter instead of the product Oracle XML Gateway.
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          The Oracle Apps Adapter is a generic name for the conglomeration of methods that it is possible to use to connect from interconnect through to Oracle Applications. To a large extent this depends upon which Oracle Application you are trying to communicate with. Oracle XML gateway is one of these methods. Generally it is financial (especially Purchasing related) apps that use XML gateway. XML Gateway does not come with interconnect it is part of Oracle Applications.
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            thanks for the response. But i am still not clear. I know XML gateway interface is a part of Oracle Ebusiness suite. and interconnect adapter uses XML gateway interface out of many possible way of interface with Ebusiness suite. But my question was related to the separate XML Gateway product that oracle has VS. interconnect apps adapter. the Xml gateway product is different than Ebusiness oracle application product. you need to separately install it. So any idea about differencs?
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              XML gateway is installed on top of eBS, and if you only want to talk to other businesses then XML gateway (or even the e-commerce gateway) are the way to go. However if you additionally want to pass data around to other applications within your organization then IC would be a better solution.

              Perhaps if you tell me the problem you are trying to solve I can provide some more help?

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                I am also having one question relating to this thread.
                We are using Oracle Applications 11.5.10.
                We have a Business Requirement to send Approved Purchased Orders to Supplier in XML format.
                We have made all the required setup to generate the PO in XML format using XML Gateway, which places the XML message in a queue.
                Our design expert has suggested us to use Oracle Applications Interconnect for sending the message to the supplier through AQ adapter (From Oracle Apps to Interconnect) and HTTP adapter (from Interconnect to supplier).
                As per my knowledge (read in Oracle documentation) this can be done using Oracle Transport Agent (OTA), which comes with Oracle XML Gateway and also I believe that OTA is tightly integrated with Oracle XML gateway and we can easily track the status of the message.
                When contacted our design expert he told that there are some advantages of using Interconnect but I didn't understand his argument well, may be because I am very much new to using Oracle Interconnect.
                I will be grateful if somebody could tell me, how advantageous is using Interconnect over Oracle Transport Agent (OTA) (please note we are not doing any modifications to the message generated by XML gateway, we are transferring as it is).

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