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    OraOledb, Linked Servers and SQL Server 2005 issues

      Some issues I've come across when using SQL Server 2005 (and SQL Server Express 2005), the OraOLEDB provider ( and a linked Oracle database ( 64-bit)

      1) You must set the OraOledb.Oracle\AllowInProcess value to 1 to allow the OraOledb provider to run in SQL Server's process. Without doing this I receive an 'unspecified error' from the OLE DB provider when attempting to run a query

      2) When running a ' select * ' query across a linked server using the provider, I receive the following error: Msg 9803, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
      Invalid data for type "numeric". I can, however, select all of the columns by name and the query completes (no error). Sometimes the 'select *' query returns a few rows before the error, sometimes it doesn't. The Microsoft Provider for Oracle does not have this problem
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