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    Interconnect and encryption

      We are two students doing a project at school.
      The project involves synchronizing two Oracle 10gR2 databases using AS InterConnect.
      One of our goals was to implement some sort of secure messages, maybe encrypt data from sensitive fields that is being synchronized. This should be in the database solution (that is all logic should be in the database).
      We have looked at the encryption technique TDE, but it does not seem to fit our needs. Because the obejcts that are transfered from the oai schema are in VARRAY format.
      Any ideas?

      Kristján Einarsson and Hanna Jónasdóttir
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          if you want to synchronize two databases and don't plan to synchronize this data to other systems, then i would use
          - advanced queueing or
          - streams or
          - replication

          to implement it.
          SQL*Net allows to encrypt the whole traffic and to ensure the integrity. Have a look at the sql*net docs.

          If you use interconnect, you would have to encrypt the data on the source system and dequeue it on the target system.

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            Thank you for your answer.
            We have been experimenting with dbms_crypto package.
            Seems to be the solution to fit our needs.

            Hanna and Kristján