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    How to  trigger specific DB event on msg content basis- DTD is same,


      Scenario is like this:

      I will receive PO from diff. customers(set up in Oracle B2B) , all sending in same DTD format(3A4 PIP), all msg will routed to iStudio via IP_IN_QUEUE (queue mngt provided by Oracle B2B), being published by AQ adapter & subs. by dbadapter.

      I have to trigger diffrent events on the basis of few fields (DUNS num).. the dtd for all the events is same? How can I do this?
      All the events are created in different business objects itself... plz suggest whether this approah is right or not .. -:(.

      Actually ecah event had few hardcodings which caused to create seperate events/BO for the TPs, but if the msg is coming from same queue how can I route it to diff events?

      What is the use of Event Map tab present in define App view of AQ Adapater? Will this be helpful in some way?

      Any pointers will be a great help.