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    FTP Adapter does not see new messages

      I have a strange problem with my new ftp adapter. It logs on to a HP UX to pick up files from a defined endpoint. It successfully picks up the waiting files at adapter startup but then when it is running and polling it never sees any new files coming to the endpoint. It is like it only scans the diectory at adapter startup ?!
      It just continues to report "message queue is empty" at every poll (except from the very first poll at startup).
      We are running InterConnect 9.0.4.
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          What are the properties of the file that does not get picked up?
          When we were testing the ftp adapter on our site, we noticed that file that copied over to our testing receive endpoint do not get picked up unless you chmod 777 or chmon 775 them!! Strange!

          Just as a test, chmod your file and see if the ftp adapter picks it up at the next poll.

          If that does not work, I'd raise a TAR with support.

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            Hi Ian,

            Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately this doesn't help in this case.
            The funny thing is that it actually picks up files at the very first poll when the adapter starts up, but not at the following polls. Strange. Well we better raise a TAR.

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              A couple of other things to look at...

              We've had a lot of problems with the FTP adapter picking up large files, anything greater than about 100k. This problem occurs on but is fixed in and Adapter just hangs.

              Also, we are still having a few problems with 'connection reset'. Most FTP server servers are configured to time out after 15 minutes. You could try upping the FTP server timeout to see if that helps.