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help i forget the password

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for log on to the manager page i forget the pass. ori dont know the password is not correct please helpme for password recovery
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    Open 'webcache.xml' file in the directory <ORACLE_HOME>/webcache. Here, in the line :

    for the has value, enter the foll value:

    & save the file. Then, restart Web cache & Admin servers.

    Now, you should be able to login with the pwd 'administrator'.

    Hope this helps.

    Priyanka GES
    Oracle Web Cache Team
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    I am using Webcache version

    The previous workaround sets the password value to administrator, but then your password matches the user name which is a violation of industry best practices, not to mention a security hole.

    After reseting my password with this technique, I was able to logon to the webcache administration web page at port 4000.

    When I changed the password value from administrator to another value, stopped and restarted the webcache, I closed the web browser. Then, attempted to logon to the webcache administration web page at port 4000 with the newest password value. But, logon required the older reset password value from workaround.

    When I attempted to change the password again in the security properties section, the change asks for the newest password as the old password. This behavior suggests that the password value is stored in multiple locations, only one of which is the webcache.xml file.

    What method can resync all of the passwords?
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    This is strange, as the password should (afaik) be stored only in the webcache.xml .
    I changed the password of the administrator in several customer sites where they had forgotten the password. Afterwards I set the password to a new pwd using the webbased webcache admin tool. I never encountered the problem you described.

    Maybe you should log a TAR with support.

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    I agree. Even I tried it today and it does work. I then changed the password and it worked too... I can assure there is only 1 file webcache.xml where credentials for logging into Webcache Admin lie as even as per architecture, you cannot have multiple files storing passwords :)..

    U may try by deleting cookies and all.

    Take Care.