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    Database Exception: Error Code = 17,433

      I am receiving the following error when executing a J2EE client using RAD 6.0:

      java.sql.Exception: invalid arguments in call DSRA0010E: SQL State = null,
      Error Code = 17,433 when trying to logon to database.

      I setup an oracle datasource in websphere and everytime a get a reference to the datasource thru JNDI I receive the above error. I execute the test connection dialog box from the websphere console and it is successful. When debugging, I noticed the properties object inside the database login object is null. If I modify the object to add id and pw the connection is successful. The setup of the client in RAD 6.0 is identical to a 5.1 client as well as the websphere settings. The jar file in use is the ojdbc14.jar.