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    Novice Question:  XML File using FTP Adapter Help Requested

      I need to create (publish) a message from an XML file that is written to a particular folder on a Win2000 machine (I intend running the adapter on the same machine). I think that the FTP adapter should be the easiest way to do this but I have only used this adapter to publish DL3-defined files, and only then on a unix platform.

      Is the FTP adapter the correct approach or is there a better way, and if it is the correct approach, can anyone point me to a sample application or pass along a sample adapter.ini so I can figure out configuring the adapter.

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          We use the FTP adapter for both reading and writing XML files. And it works quite OK (there are a few gliteches but nothing you cannot work around). You need to first make (find) a DTD for your XML file and import that as the AV for the message in IS (IStudio). Then you just point the adapter to the correct directory and it should work from there.
          As for better way Im not sure I'm no InterConnect expert but I dont know any other way to do it.

          Might be worth to notice (if you didn't already know) that you dont actually need FTP if it is on the local filesystems you can in the FTP adapter read from the local FS something along the lines of file:///c:/foo/bar as oposed to ftp://...

          As for adapter.ini you shouldn't need anything besids pointing the reciver to the correct directory the rest is done from IS.

          Let me know if you want more details...

          // MickeM