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    -bash: sqlplus: command not found / Oracle file permissons


      I am running Oracle EE, on a RHEL 4-U2 server.

      When I try to use sqlplus from a non dba account I get the following error:
      [pemarten@orclserv ~]$ sqlplus pemarten/mypassword
      -bash: sqlplus: command not found
      All my environment variables are set and $ORACLE_HOME/bin has been added to the PATH.

      The problem seems to be that the file permissions of the oracle flexible architecture are wrong:
      [oracle@orclserv 10.2.0]$ pwd
      [oracle@orclserv 10.2.0]$ ls -l
      totaal 8
      drwx--x---  56 oracle oinstall 4096 dec 12 14:15 db_1
      drwxr-x---  46 oracle oinstall 4096 dec 12 14:14 htmldb
      The permission of the db_1 directory is to strict (should be at least chmod 711 I think)

      On my other test server (DB version 10.1) the permissions are:
      [oracle@locserv 10.1.0]$ pwd
      [oracle@locserv 10.1.0]$ ls -l
      total 4
      drwxr-xr-x  53 oracle oinstall 4096 Oct 12 02:54 db1
      So I have tried to chmod the directories to at least 711 up to the sqlplus binary, but when I try to execute sqlplus after that I get the following error:
      [pemarten@orclserv ~]$ sqlplus pemarten/mypassword
      sqlplus: error while loading shared libraries: libsqlplus.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
      So this doesn't seem to be an option. My biggest concern is why are the file permissons wrong after installation?

      Before installing the oracle software umask 022 was added to the .bash_profile of the oracle user (used to install the software)

      Has anyone experienced similar problems?
      Does anyone knows how to solve this?

      Thank You.