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UCM indexing question

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I am fairly new to UCM so please excuse my question if it's very basic.


I want to rebuild the full index on the content. The problem is i have approximately 10%( 20GB free out of 200GB available) of free disk space where the content is stored and i am afraid that running the full it will cause the disk space to  be fully occupied before it successfully finishes. I know the index is stored in the DB tables(the DB has enough space) but i am wondering if it will write any files to the content folder and reduce the free space by a lot or even fully occupy it?


Also, can you please tell me how long indexing would take after i start running it(approximately) ? (I have about 40GB of content)


Thank you in advance for your answer.

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    I'd be a bit concerned about the amount of available free space, depending on your current configuration.

    • If you are currently storing content on the files on the file system, it may not be as big an issue from an indexing standpoint.
    • If you are storing the content in the database however, the Content Server will need to pull the content out onto the filesystem in order to perform its indexing of the content.  Having to write the content back to disk is where you might have issues.


    How long will it take?  There's no formula as to how long x amount of content will take.  It's purely dependent on the types of files themselves, and the complexity of the content contained in the documents being indexed.  40GB of jpegs will finish very quickly, as these files have no text to index.  40GB of multi-sheet Excel workbooks with thousands of rows and columns of numeric data can take quite a bit of time.  The system must extract the textual components of each file, write the text it finds into a txt file per each content item, and then the content of this txt file gets passed to the search index. 


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