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    Moving database to another server with Streams replication

    Bob T.

      We have a streams configuration with one source schema replicated to same target schema on another server.  Source database was 10.2.04 on Windows 2003.  Migrated database to on same server.  Next step is to move database onto a new server with 2008R2 OS.  I am aware that I can not simply export database and import onto new server.  This will corrupt Stream process -- DBID differences, if I recall correctly.


      Will the following process work successfully:


      1.  New server host name and ip address will be same as existing server.

      2.  Install same version of Oracle.

      3. Create sid of same name

      4. copy over data files (maintaining like volume locations, etc) , init param, etc.

      5. duplicate listener, tnsnames, config.


      Or I'll listen to any other suggestions!