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    EJB collocation optimization


      I have some (hopefully) quick clarification questions to complete my mental model of how the collocation optimization works. I'm still a little fuzzy after looking in here and in the docs.  Especially w.r.t. 10.3.5+ and 12c:

      1. Is it pass-by-reference or pass-by-value:
        • from a consumer in the same EAR?
        • from a consumer in different EAR/WAR/... but in the same cluster (i.e., the same node)
      2. If the consumer is in one EAR/WAR, and the producer in another, do I get failover if the instance is unavailable:
        • If they're both in the same cluster?
        • If in different clusters, and the node(s) currently in the stub don't contain a new member that has joined the cluster, while the member(s) in the stub are no longer available?
      3. If the consumer and producer are in the same cluster member, is the same (consumer's) thread used for the producer's service execution?  Or does the WorkManager dispatch this to a different thread in the pool?


      If this is covered in a document, blog page, etc., that I have not found, I'd appreciate a reference.