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    Transfer encrypted file using B2B

    Ravi Pasupuleti-OC

      Hi All,   we have a requirement which demands us to SFTP a file from our location to a remote server. We need the file to be moved via B2B for accountability purposes.



      File is a *.csv.gpg ( encrypted file ) is there a way possible to move the file to our remote server via B2B. Please suggest.




      Our Environment Details


      Weblogic 10.3.6

      soa suite : with B2B


      Above instalaltion is on a linux box.

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          Yes, It is possible in B2B except AQ Internal delivery channel.


          Incase of outbound please configure the filename format or etc based on the backend listening channel, it will treat it as binary file transfer.


          Please provide more details about your usecase.



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            Ravi Pasupuleti-OC

            Thank you for the reply Nandagopal,


            Use Case : we have bpel process which creates a comma delimited file. and the same bpel runs  a shell script (shell script uses the trading partner certificates and encrypts the file and stores it in specific location with .gpg extension)

            we need b2b server to pick the .gpg file from the directory and drop it in trading partner file server location.



            Could you please let us know, what kind of document should be created in Document Protocols for this.

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              Ravi Pasupuleti-OC

              B2B gurus, could you please suggest us on this.

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                Please create a any document type and revision and use it in the agreement. for eg. Custom -> 1.0 -> ORDERS and use this as part of filename format or from backend. B2B will identify binary document and it will be use the appropriate agreement and send it.




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                  Ravi Pasupuleti-OC

                  Hi Nandagopal,

                           I tried created the document as instructed and the listening channel, file is being picked but in error "Document protocol identification error".


                  file format : Custom_ToTradingPartner_DocumentName_DocumentRevision.csv.gpg


                  Also tried other options like : To_Party_DocTypeName_DocTyprRevision.csv.gpg


                  Could you please suggest if I am missing something.

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                    Tiago Teixeira

                    Try to use the name of the folder to identify the document instead of the name of the file.

                    For example,

                    - create a custom document called BLOB with revision 0

                    - leave the document definition fields blank (no XSD, no identification, etc)

                    - Create a folder on your system called BLOB_0 (this is the location where the file created by the bpel process should be stored)

                    - when creating the listening channel:

                       - point the Folder Name to the location on your system like: <full_path_until>/BLOB_0

                       - set the Directory name format to: %DOCTYPE_NAME%_%DOCTYPE_REVISION%


                    This will force that any document dropped on that folder to by identified as a BLOB version 0 document.

                    On the trading partner level add this new document as part of the supported documents and on the agreement level make sure to have translate and validate unchecked.


                    This should fix your problems.


                    Best Regards,

                    Tiago Teixeira