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    How to create new promotion type in BCC?




      I want to create new promotion type for Order Discount - Amount Off with some additional properties.

      I have added the below code to pricingModels.xml


      <item-descriptor name="promotion">

        <table shared-table-sequence="1" name="dcs_promotion" type="primary" id-column-name="promotion_id">

            <property name="type">

              <option code="13" value="New Order Discount - Amount Off"/>  





      <item-descriptor name="New Order Discount - Amount Off" version-property="version"  super-type="Order Discount - Amount Off" sub-type-value="New Order Discount - Amount Off"  id-space-name="promotion" display-name="New Order Discount - Amount Off">

        <attribute value="atg.commerce.PricingModelsTemplateResources" name="resourceBundle"/>

      ----------- only new properties -------




      When i am trying to create the new promotion ,when clicking on the "Create condition and Offer" in the "Condition and Offfer" window ,getting the below error


      "Discount type not found for New Order discount - Amount Off, check that a value for this exists in the Resource Bundle."


      there are no resources used in the new item descriptor.Is this correct procedure to create new promotions ? do i need to add promotion templates? Please help in resolving this issue.




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          karthik chopperla

          I'm not sure if PMDL editor is looking for display-name-resource defined on the new item descriptor. Try adding below


          1. Define PricingModelsTemplateResources.properties in your module src/atg/commerce with the property

          itemDescriptorNewOrderDiscountAmountOff= New Order Discount - Amount Off


          2. Define display-name-resource=itemDescriptorNewOrderDiscountAmountOff property on item-descriptor tag of "New Order Discount - Amount Off"


          Good Luck !!