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    automatic service_names creation on standby when other standby fails




      my environment:

      1 primary, 2 active standby's

      dataguard without RAC

      fast-start failover enabled

      db 11gR2


      I'm wondering howto solve the following scenario:

      standby db "first" with service_names "first_sn" fails.

      standby db "second" with service_names "second_sn" is still up as well as primary.


      howto manage automatic service_name creation on standby db "second" due to redirection of the read only client connections?

      in other words, as soon as one of the standby's is crashed, the other standby gets the service_names from the failed db, like in this example the

      standby db "second" would have these service_names:


      show parameter service_names



      thanks a lot!