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    Tuning Essbase Calc Scripts





      I am looking for some guidance on tuning a calculation script.The business rule perform forecasting for two years based on the historical data (upto 5 years). The rule performs well when it is executed against a single department, single activity and single project.However when I try to run the admin rule which performs the same function but for all departments, all classes and all projects. it never completes.


      Your feedback is really appreciated.





      Note in this example:

      Activity and Project are dimension.

      Total# of Departments = 7000 members

      Activity = 100 members

      Project = 100 stored members

      Accounts = 350 stored members

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          Hello JJ,

          for tuning an essbase database a consultant may use a day or more. Not something to be handled properly in a forum.


          What we can do here is to give you some guidelines.

          Calculate only what is necessary. Data which have been calculated and are not changed, do not need to be recalculated. Data which will be modified in a next step, should not be aggregated and then be aggregated again.

          When you calculate, much is related to to the block size and how fast Essbase can get the blocks into memory and back to disk. So optimize the blocks (dynamic calc on the parent members, label only on where no data storage should take place).

          Then optimize the calculation. Work with parallel calculation. And test, test, and test.



          Philip Hulsebosch


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            Would you kindly post your cqlculation script syntax?


            also how many sparse and dense dimensions are there? Of the member numbers you mentioned above are those all the stored members?